Over the years, growing up dyslexic, reading about dyslexia, working with dyslexic students and studying the topic of dyslexia at university I have been able to find a wealth of information. Yet, to me at least, a lot of this information lacked the ‘dyslexic voice’ – it lacked heart. It never allowed me to see a person’s face, hear their voice or imagine them.

Growing up, and in listening to a lot of my students when they have spoken with me, there is a deep need for connection. For understanding and for empathy. Much of the work I have done with my students, with my dyslexic friends and with adults I know isn’t teach them strategies – it is simply to listen. To give them a chance to express their worries and concerns. For them to explore the idea that they are not alone. That there is someone like them and that it is okay to feel how they do.

In listening I have learnt that, at any age, the greatest gift we can give someone is to listen to their story. At times, to say ‘Me too’ and to allow empathy to grow. We all want to be heard. We all want to feel like we are part of something bigger.

This is my attempt to bring back ‘heart’, to show people’s faces, to allow their voices to be heard and to create a little bit more empathy and understanding.


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