This is me!

When I began this journey into creating this website I thought that I would find it easy. I assumed that I would be able to handle the entire idea of it and all that came with it.

I was wrong.

Once the website was out there, once my story was circulating out in the world, once I had posted the first two videos and send the first flurry of Tweets the tidal wave of panic struck.

This tidal wave brought with it panic, worry and the deepest desire to remain small and hide away I have ever felt. I had the feeling of being overwhelmed by the idea of being ‘out there’. That I had no right in being ‘out there’. So I engineered myself to remain small. To go back into my cave and hide away from the world.

I stopped emailing people trying to get their story.

I stopped tweeting.

I stopped working on the website

And I tried my hardest to avoid my true journey.

But this blog post is me putting aside my worry, my panic and the feelings of inadequacy. Of ‘who are you’ and the feeling that I was not enough.

Over the past few weeks, I have been reminded by friends, family and my students that I am stronger than I realise. Not only that but I heard a song from the soundtrack of the film The Greatest Showman called This Is Me. The song helped cement what my friends, family and students had been saying.

I am enough!

So, from this day forward, this website is part of me. It is part of my journey.

This is me!

1 thought on “This is me!”

  1. What a fab blog Pbil. Who are you to play small when the World needs your LIGHT to shine, untruths to u cover and hearts to heal?
    I love your honesty and true human ness in this post.
    The world is a better place with you in it xxx

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